Local Businesses

 Bonnets For Life

 Charming handmade bonnets

 Location: Annapolis, MD

 Contact Info: (919) 738 - 4733

Boyd & Boyd Dentistry


Location: 914 Bay Ridge Rd Annapolis, Md 21403

Contact info: 410-626-1797

Dr. Monique Y. Langston & Associates

Internal Medicine

Location: 1616 Forest Dr Suite #1  Annapolis, Md 21403

Contact info: 410-263-4400

Pristine Care

Natural Luxury Beauty Supply Company

(Essential oils and creams, hair and skin care)

Location: Qiosk in Annapolis Mall

Contact info: 301-653-4638

Facebook: PristineCareOnline



Lisa’s of Annapolis Salon

Location: 2521 Riva Rd. Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info: (410) 266-7470

Salon Dejesus Salon

Location: 42 Oak Ct..

Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info: (410) 266-7470

(410) 268-5859

Reese Funeral Home

Location:  1922 Forest Dr. Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info: (410) 268-6015

Ben Harris & Sons Bail Bonds

Location:  Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info: (410) 789-2626

Historian Threads

Hip Hop - Culture - Clothing

Location:  Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info:historianthreads.com

Instagram: historianthreads

Facebook: Historian Threads

More Than A Pretty Place

Designing - Branding - Marketing

Location:  Maryland

Contact Info: (443) 584-5843



Instagram: _morethanaprettyplace

Spouses Clean Houses

Residential Cleaning Service

Location:  9 Willow St.

Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info: (410) 999-0411


Pamoja Productions, LLC

Theater production company

Location:  Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info: (443) 829-6994


Learning to Improve, LLC

Strategic Planning and Education Consulting firm

Location: Maryland

Contact Info: (301) 627-8454


Providing Space, Access, and Change for the Betterment of Girls

Location: Annapolis, MD

Contact Info: blackgirltribe.com

Instagram: theblackgirltribe

Facebook: The Black Girl Tribe

Keith J. Gross

Attorney at Law

Location: 92 Franklin St., Suite 204 Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info: (410) 570-7740, (410) 216-9693


Elite Organizing Services, LLC

Provides organizing services for residential and commercial entities

Location: Maryland

Contact Info: (301) 332-3770


Moon’s Barbershop

Location:  902 West St.

Annapolis, MD 21401

Contact Info: (410) 267-9617

Facebook: Moon’s Barbershop

Ignite Change, LLC

Life, Business and Career Coach, STEM Mentor

Location: Davidsonville MD

Contact Info: (410) 449-0656




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